April 15, 2013

  • Country reviewed, with Concluding Observations: Paraguay
  • List of Issues adopted forAustralia, Austria and El Salvador
  • Day of General Discussion: women and girls with disabilities

The IDA Chair, Yannis Vardakastanis, took part during the opening meeting of this session. All public meetings of this session were webcast live by IDA and archived for subsequent viewing. IDA webcast on two channels—one in English or the language of the country being reviewed, and the second in International Sign or national sign language (where provided). IDA and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund hosted a side event on indigenous women and girls with disabilities. Following suggestions from IDA, the Committee established a working group to prepare guidelines for the participation of NGOs and DPOs in the Committee’s meetings.  IDA compiled summaries of all public meetings of the Committee and disseminated them on the IDA CRPD Forum list-serv.

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