February 10, 2023 - 9:05am

February 2023

EFHOH is organising a webinar to present new online training for speech to text interpreters, following Live Text Access project. Participants will gain practical information about certification, training, setting up training/ examination centre and implementation of certification nationally. Who should attend? Professionals currently working in the speech to text as well as those new to profession. Organisations representing deaf and hard of hearing people, accessibility professionals and anyone interested in the topic.

Day and date: Monday 20 February

Time: 19:30 - 21:00 Brussels time (CET)

Webinar: Registration Link to Zoom

Accessibility: Speech to text interpreter and possible automatic translation into requested languages.

The Organizer of the Webinar: EFHOH

Opening Remarks: Lidia Best, EFHOH President

Moderator: Alf Lindberg, EFHOH Board Member

Technical Team: Kave Noori & Jonathan Elebjörk Wahlström

Speakers management: Roar Raaken & Marcel Bobeldijk

Q&A: Marcel Bobeldijk

The Speakers:

  • Aïda Regel Poulsen
  • Rocio Bernabe Caro
  • Wim Gerbecks
  • Carlo Eugeni
  • Gabriele Sauberer

Time Table:

19:15-19:30 To start up the webinar - EFHOH team

19:30-19:35 Welcome and opening remarks - Lidia & Alf moderating

19:35: 19:45 LTA - Rocio

19:45-19:55 Unmet needs for STT in many countries - Aïda

19:55-20:05 Velotype (Use, training) - Wim

20:05-20:15 Respeaking (Use, training) - Carlo

20:15-20:30 New EU qualification (Online training & EU certification) - Gabriele

20:30-20:55 Q & A - Marcel

20:55-21:00 Closing remarks - Alf or Lidia