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The Third Conference of States Parties (COP) took place from 1st to 3rd September 2010.

The States Parties to the CRPD opened the Third Conference of States Parties (COP) on 1st September by electing twelve CRPD Committee members. Each candidate had to be presented by a country that is a State Party to the Convention. The CRPD Committee is now expanding from twelve to eighteen members in accordance with the Convention, which says that after sixty ratifications additional to the first twenty, the CRPD Committee will expand from twelve to eighteen members.

The elections were conducted by secret ballot. In the first round of voting, only one candidate got the required absolute majority: the current Chair of the CRPD Committee, Mr. Ron McCallum (Australia) (re-elected for a four-year term). Next elected were Ms. Edah Wangechi Maina (Kenya), Ms. Theresia Degener (Germany), Mr. Hyng Shik Kim (Republic of Korea), Mr. Carlos Rios Espinosa (Mexico), and Mr. Lotfi Ben Lallahom (Tunisia), who will all serve four-year terms. Mr. McCallum, Ms. Maina and Mr. Lallahom were existing members who were re-elected. An additional six members were elected for the new seats resulting from the expansion: Mr. Gabor Gombos (Hungary), Mr. Damjan Tatic (Serbia), Mr. Stig Langvad (Denmark), Ms. Silvia Judith Quang Chang (Guatemala), Ms. Fatiha Hadj Salah (Algeria), and Mr. German Xavier Torres Correa (Ecuador). Of the latter six, the experts from Guatemala, Hungary, and Algeria will serve two-year terms (drawn by lot) while the rest will serve four-year terms.

The full Committee of eighteen members also includes the current members, Ms. Amna Ali Al Suweidi (Qatar), Mr. Mohammed Al-Tarawneh (Jordan), Mr. Monsur Ahmed Choudhuri (Bangladesh), Ms. María Soledad Cisternas Reyes (Chile), Ms. Ana Peláez Narváez (Spain), and Ms. Jia Yang (China), all of whose terms expire in 2012. In 2012, there will be nine open Committee member seats.

Election For the CRPD Committee

The CRPD has reached the 80 ratifications, which means that the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will increase from 12 to 18 members in 2011.

The renovation of 6 of the CRPD Committee members (those whose term expires in 2010 can run one more term) and the election of the 6 new positions will happen in this Third COP.

IDA has prepared a number of documents related to the nomination process of candidates for the CRPD Committee to inform about the election process and to give suggestions and advice to national DPOs on how to exert influence in the nomination process at national level.

To have access to these documents please click the links below:

Election Process for the CRPD Committee: EP_English / EP_Spanish

Nomination Process: NP_English / NP_Spanish

Profile of candidates: PC_English / PC_Spanish

For the first election process, IDA contributed to the process of selection of the CRPD Committee through a questionnaire which was sent to all candidates to the CRPD Committee and it was answered by more than half of them.

IDA will do this same process for the second election of the CRPD Committee as a way of contributing to a process that should be based on the quality of the candidates. This questionnaire can also serve as a tool at national level to be used in the assessment of the quality of different candidates.


  • Ron McCallum, Australia   
  • Gábor Gombos, Hungary   
  • Silvia Quan, Guatemala 
  • Damjan Tatic, Serbia   
  • Luis Guillermo Bulit Goñi, Argentina     
  • Jaime Eulogio Huerta Peralta, Peru

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