- February 8, 2021

Movement building is key to ensuring that persons with disabilities and their representative organizations participate and meaningfully contribute to the development and implementation of disability-inclusive policies and legislations.

Through its Fellowship Program, IDA and its members have been supporting disability activists to engage in advocacy to develop their technical skills and experience and build a strong network of disability rights advocates.

Our fellows have been able to get maximum exposure and interact in strategic spaces including the international human rights monitoring mechanisms and political bodies such as the High-level Political Forum.

Purpose and priorities

IDA fellowships provide a unique combination of opportunities to learn, to be mentored, to be exposed to a different policy, advocacy and monitoring processes, and to contribute directly to initiatives aimed at advancing the rights of persons with disabilities. 

Fellowships vary in nature, scope, length as well as hosting organization. It is meant to be mutually beneficial to the fellow and the hosting organisation. Therefore, it has twofold objectives:

  • Support IDA members and IDA secretariat’s capacities in advancing the rights and development of persons with disabilities, with a focus on the Global South,
  • Cultivate and enhance the capacities of disability rights activists as contributors to the disability rights movement.

Current IDA Fellowship Programs are: 

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We are investing in movement building!

IDA, its members and partners believe the world can be a better place with the active participation of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations. Over the past 10 years, IDA has supported leaders and representative organizations to influence systems to become more accountable, and work towards inclusive and lasting social change. By the end of 2021, more than 50 fellows from 24 countries will have participated. This diverse groups of persons with disabilities, particularly from underrepresented groups, will have completed IDA’s Fellowship Program.

Join us!

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