- February 9, 2021

Through support from different sources, including the Disability Catalyst Programme (DFID) and the NORAD, IDA launched a fellowship programme directed at IDA members with a focus on contributing to the advancement of the SDGs and the CRPD in the Global South. IDA Members proposed candidates and terms of reference related to these objectives and ensured direct follow-up and mentorship of fellows hosted within their organisations or one of their members. The scope of these fellowships included developing SDG monitoring reports from a CRPD perspective at the regional or national level, providing training to their members and getting involved in the elaboration of substantive reports and documents. 

About IDA Fellowship Programme: The IDA Fellowship Programme has a dual objective of providing support to IDA members’ operational capacity to advance the rights of persons with disabilities and to build the capacities of individual disability activists as contributors to the disability rights movement. IDA fellowships provide a unique combination of opportunities for learning, mentorship, exposure to a different policy, advocacy and monitoring processes, and contribution to initiatives aimed at advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in the Global South. Fellowships are mutually beneficial for the fellow and the hosting organisation.

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