- February 7, 2020

5-6 February 2020, Budapest, Hungary

The International Federation of Hard of Hearing People’s (IFHOH) Inclusive Education Task Team undertook a recent mapping exercise of the educational status of hard of hearing children and youth within the Kampala school district in Uganda and Province Number 3 of Nepal. The data collected from the mapping exercise will be used to develop a position paper about inclusive education for hard of hearing children.

The IFHOH Inclusive Education Task Team met from 5-6 February 2020 in Budapest, Hungary and populated the suggested outline of the project report. The project report, to be completed this spring, will include: information about the context and background of the mapping exercise; research methodology; data collection instruments and analysis; Nepal and Uganda findings on challenges to inclusive education for hard of hearing people from the perspective of parents, students, teachers and decision makers; common findings between both Nepal and Uganda; and final conclusions of the mapping exercise. 

The second day of the meeting focused on reviewing the framework for the project position paper to be developed as a result of the mapping exercise and findings. The position paper will elaborate on the nine key recommendations included in the IFHOH Education Policy Paper based on the findings of the mapping exercise, namely: barrier-free environments; captioning in the classroom; captioning of audio visual and social media materials; language development; hearing aids and cochlear implants; assistive listening devices ; support services; social interaction; and teacher training. The position paper may also include additional sections on culture, communication strategies, awareness raising about the needs of hard of hearing people, statistics and self-advocacy. 

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