- March 15, 2019

Between 14-16th October 2019 the Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network met in Geneva, Switzerland for a network planning workshop. The group discussed several key strategic priorities for collective advocacy, in particular both the disability rights and the indigenous people movements. The group also discussed important components to ensure the organizational development of the Network to be further representative. Priorities include developing membership, defining the Network’s governance, and securing resources to operate. Participants also discussed ways to link their priorities with IDA’s Strategic Framework from 2020 to 2030. The group conducted a brief stakeholder mapping to identify potential allies and supporters of the Network.

Members of the Network concluded the workshop releasing a list of immediate priorities for the next 8 months, which includes:

  • Actions for organizational development
  • Focus on the inclusion of indigenous women with disabilities
  • Focus on upcoming opportunities for advocacy and capacity building through participation of indigenous peoples with disabilities before UN monitoring mechanisms – both human rights, development and humanitarian - and participating in the Bridge CRPD-SDGs trainings

The Network’s Vision until 2023
By 2023, the Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network would ensure that progress has been made to advance the rights of indigenous persons with disabilities including respect for their unique identity and the right to live dignified lives in their communities, through a stronger global network, that is representative of the diversity of expressions of indigenous persons with disabilities from local to global levels in 7 regions.

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