- June 28, 2018

The International Disability Alliance, in coordination with the National Union of Disability Organizations in Rwanda (NUDOR), conducted a workshop in Kigali on June 27th and 28th, to prepare the representatives of the OPDs for the upcoming review of Rwanda’s initial report to the CRPD Committee.

NUDOR; the umbrella organization comprising 13 organizations of persons with disabilities in Rwanda, a member organization of the African Disability Forum, with the financial support of the Disability Rights Fund (DRF) has been in the process of drafting the alternative report; and with IDA’s technical assistance is in the final stages to complete the written report to be submitted soon to the CRPD Committee.

During the workshop, 28 persons with disabilities participated, representing the diversity of constituencies comprising NUDOR, including representatives of the most marginalized groups, such as users and survivors of psychiatry, little people, persons with albinism, and representatives of young people and women with disabilities. All participants showed much knowledge and interest in the review process by the CRPD Committee, and actively contributed to the final drafting process of the alternative report.

IDA looks forward to continuing its collaboration with NUDOR and DRF, by supporting representatives from the various OPDs in Rwanda, to participate advocating for their report to be considered during the 10th presessional working group of the CRPD Committee, where the list of issues will be adopted, and during the 21st session, during the Committee’s interactive dialogue and adoption of concluding observations for Rwanda.

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