- June 23, 2021

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The Youth Committee representatives 2021 are:

  • Antonio Palma Lopez, Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families, Guatemala
  • Bowen Tang, International Federation of Hard of Hearing, Canada
  • Chaica Al Qassimi, United Emirates / Simon Okwii, Uganda, Down Syndrome International
  • Dorothy Mubezi, World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, Uganda
  • El Mehdi Ben Moussa, Arab Organisation of Persons with Disabilities, Morocco
  • Iqbal Mohamad, Pakistan / Diane Bergeron, Canada, World Blind Union
  • Kamil Goungor, Greece / Loredana Dicsi, Belgium, European Disability Forum
  • Laura Lesmana, Asean Disability Forum, Indonesia
  • Mark Kato, World Federation of the Deafblind, Uganda
  • Markus Ward, Ireland/ Selma Cela, International Federation of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephaly
  • Ruci Senikula, Pacific Disability Forum, Fiji
  • Santigie Kargbo, African Disability Forum, Sierra Leone
  • Shirley Liu, World Federation of the Deaf, Australia
  • Agus Hidayat, Transforming communities for Inclusion, Indonesia
  • Alagammai Chenthilnathan, Bridge CRPD-SDGs alumni, India
  • Peter Ochieg, Youth Fellow, Uganda

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