October 4, 2010 - 8:00am

From 4-8 October 2010, the CRPD Committee held its 4th session which marked the beginning of the Committee’s substantive work in the review of states reports. 

Tina Minkowitz, member of the IDA governing body, represented IDA during the session; click the link to read the IDA statement she made at the CRPD Committee’s opening session.

During this session, the Committee drafted and adopted the List of Issues on the report of Tunisia. Unfortunately, there had been no time allocated in their programme for the Committee to hear from DPOs and NGOs regarding Tunisia’s report prior to their work on drafting the List of Issues, departing from the good practice of other treaty bodies in compiling the List of Issues.  To fill this gap, IDA held a side event to which Committee members, DPOs, NGOs, national human rights institutions and UN entities were invited to have a discussion on the Tunisian state report.  It was well attended by both Committee members and others; IDA presented its analysis of the Tunisian State Report including suggested questions for the List of Issues, please click the links below to access to this document: English/Spanish, and other NGOs and UN bodies engaged in exchange with the Committee.  The List of Issues which was adopted by the Committee is now available on the CRPD Committee’s website. 

During this 4th session, the Committee held its second Day of General Discussion on Accessibility, Article 9 of the CRPD.  There were three panel discussions organised as follows:

  • Session 1: right to access on an equal basis with others to the physical environment and transportation
  • Session II: The right to access on an equal basis with others to virtual and material information and communications
  • Session III: Discussion of the best practices on the implementation and promotion of Accessibility

Click the link to read IDA’s summary of the discussion, and click the links below to read IDA’s submission and the submissions of IDA members for the Day of General Discussion on the Article 9 of the CRPD:

IDA members

The 4th session closed on 8 October 2010, and the Committee announced the following decisions which it had taken:

  • Establishment a Working Group on accessibility to public transportation and on airline policies, comprised of Mr Al-Tarawneh, Working Group Chair, Ms Yang, Mr Lallahom, and Mr Choudhuri.
  • Appointment of Ms Amna Ali Al Suweidi as the Country Rapporteur for Tunisia.
  • To set aside some time for NGOs to make comments or statements, early in each session, and to give its blessing if NGOs wish to hold lunch side events.
  • Generally, circumstances permitting, it will deal with state reports in chronological order.
  • in the Committee’s 5th session, It will conduct its review of Tunisia’s report in three, three-hour meetings over two days, and draft a List of Issues for Spain, and to hold an interactive dialogue with Spain in its 6th session.
  • Appointment of Mr Torres Correa as Country Rapporteur for Spain.
  • To make names of Country Rapporteurs public.
  • During the interactive dialogue, the introduction of reports by the state party delegation will be limited to 20-30 minutes and will consist of an update to the state report, after which the country rapporteur will make a presentation, and will then open floor for questions ; questions to state party delegations will be introduced by clusters.
  • To put a meeting of States Parties on the agenda for the next session.
  • To include Mr Ron McCallum and Ms Amna Ali Al Suweidi in the Working Group on Article 12.
  • Adoption of the List of Issues on Tunisia. (They will send the List of Issues to Tunisia, and only when the government has received it will it be made public.)
  • To adopt and submit its report to the General Assembly in 2011, and to request two-week meetings each year and funding for pre-sessional working groups.
  •  To invite the Special Rapporteur on Disability to the Committee’s 5th session.

Please click the link to have detailed information on this session.


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