IDA's Observer Members take part in IDA Members' discussions, information sharing and support for eachother. As Observers, these organisations do not take part in formal decisions of the IDA Board and General Assembly, however IDA supports its observer members towards fulfilling the criteria for full membership.

IDA currently has one Observer Member:

The Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is a global group, of, by and for people with dementia, advocating for the voice and needs of people with dementia.

It's mission is to build a global community of people with dementia that collaborates inclusively to:

  • Provide support and encouragement to people with dementia to live beyond the diagnosis of dementia.
  • Model living beyond the diagnosis to other people with dementia and the wider community, and living with purpose with dementia looks like.
  • Advocate for people with dementia, and build the capacity of people with dementia to advocate for themselves and others living with the disease.
  • Reduce the stigma, isolation and discrimination of dementia, and enforce the human rights of people with dementia around the world.

To fulfil its mission, Dementia Alliance International will:

  • Promote connection and dialogue between people with dementia.
  • Combat isolation and exclusion of people with dementia.
  • Provide opportunities for support and education for people with dementia.
  • Promote a shared sense of LIVING beyond the diagnosis of dementia.
  • Work to ensure that the voices of those with dementia are listened to and honoured.
  • Work with other organizations and with governments to create change in issues and policies that affect people with dementia now and in the future.

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