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In 2017, through the DFID-funded Catalyst Project, IDA and its members decided to support DPOs to increase their capacities to engage fully with national and international SDGs and human rights monitoring processes and strengthen their advocacy through building robust evidence.

Since then, IDA members both at the regional and national level have undertaken writing comprehensive, evidence-based reports to provide a substantive understanding of how the SDGs are being implemented at the national or regional level for persons with disabilities in line with the CRPD. All six of IDA's regional members volunteered to develop reports and national level members of members applied throughout their global or regional IDA members.

Both the regional and national reports were developed and led by DPOs, and thus highlighted different thematic areas, reflected national and regional priorities, and collected data with different methodologies.

Whilst being directed by DPOs, the reports had two requirements;

  1. To have a cross-disability perspective
  2. To include a section on women and girls with disabilities

Report writers have used their completed reports in a variety of advocacy areas, and have noted that the process of developing the reports has led to:

  • Increased engagements and collaboration with government ministries,
  • Strengthening partnerships with UN agencies and civil society networks,
  • New data produced by analysis of surveys, budgets, and statistics from a CRPD perspective
  • Data which has led to securing grants for further regional and national level investment in disability inclusion, and
  • Increased network building and advocacy within regional and global SDG forums

Regional Reports

All six regional members of IDA will have completed regional levels reports by March 2020. Please find the completed reports below:

The European Disability Forum produced a report compiling information on how DPOs can use these opportunities to advocate for inclusion in the SDGs, using examples of current practice from different UN regions and their Regional Integration Organisations. Read the report: Regional advocacy for persons with disabilities: Regional Sustainable Development Forums and regional integration. The Spanish translation of this report can be found at this link. Please, see the translated versions of the summary below:

National reports

National members of IDA Members volunteered to develop a national level report on SDG implementation in line with the CRPD. By December 2019 there will be 9 national reports finalized.

Download the 2021 report in English (Word and PDF format)

Download the 2021 report in Spanish (Word and PDF format)

  • Guatemala

     Download in English (Word format)
     Download in English (PDF format)
     Download in Spanish (Word format)
     Download in Spanish (PDF format)

Global Reports

Recognizing that persons with disabilities are not a homogenous group, and some constituencies, such as persons with deafblindness, remain marginalised and, in many ways, invisible, the World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB) developed the first ever global report on the situation of persons with deafblindness. Read this report at: http://www.internationaldisabilityalliance.org/wfdb-global-report