The disability data advocacy working group is coordinated by the HLPF team that is composed of Bethany Brown, International Disability Alliance and Elizabeth Lockwood, CBM Global Disability Inclusion. For queries, please write to hlpf2020 [at]

On 21 October, the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities, the International Disability Alliance, World Blind Union and CBM held the event “Persons with disabilities and COVID-19 data collection and...

UN World Data Forum and Disability Statistics

UN World Data Forum and Disability Statistics

If our overarching goal for 2030 is for global sustainable development to leave no one behind, then we must count everyone and we must also count who they are.

The Disability Data Advocacy Working Group

"As persons with disabilities, we are all fully aware of the need for data collection and disaggregation by disability. We recognize the momentum and achievements toward disability data collection globally. Yet, now our biggest challenges are to transfer this knowledge to persons with disabilities and their representative organizations at the local level, connect the global to the local, and shift to evidence-based advocacy and policymaking. Persons with disabilities and their representative organizations must be at the core of data collection".
Jose Viera, Representative, Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities.

We are excited to announce that the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities has established a Disability Data Advocacy Working Group to provide a global platform for information exchange, learning and dialogue, sharing of good practices, and collaboration on disability data collection, disaggregation, and analysis. The Working Group was created after an assessment of disability data at the national level in 2018. For details on the study, click here. The findings suggested that DPO engagement in data collection and disaggregation efforts is critical and missing. To address this gap, DPOs need technical support, advocacy guidance, and the opportunity for periodical information exchange and learning. Consequently the Disability Data Advocacy Working Group was established.

Membership in the Disability Data Advocacy Working Group is open to all persons with disabilities, organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs), non-governmental and other organizations working on the rights of persons with disabilities, and non-governmental donors, researchers, and independent consultants working with persons with disabilities. Mr. Jose Maria Viera, the Permanent Representative of the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities, will lead the Working Group.

How can I participate?
All are invited to participate in the webinars. We are encouraging you all to share information, article, blogs that are relevant in relation to disability measurements to input to the newsletter, by the date indicated. For further information, questions or inputs contact: hlpf2019 [at]

About the Global indicator Framework

Although the 2030 Agenda references it, the global indicator framework is a separate process. The global framework was developed by statistical experts and will require approval from the UN Statistical Commission in March 2016, agreement by the Economic and Social Council, and adoption by the UN General Assembly.

Global indicators will measure the progress made in implementing the SDGs. Such data is key to decision-making and to help with the measurement of progress, making international comparisons and ensuring that no one is left behind. Data and information from existing national and international reporting mechanisms should be used where possible. In order to enable data collection, statistical capacities require strengthening. We need very robust data sets on disability to help monitor progress. It is important to measure whether people with disability are really being left behind or whether they are progressing equally with others.

49th Session of the UN Statistical Commission

The 49th Session of the UN Statistical Commission took place on 6 to 9 March at the UN Headquarters in New York. 

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This joint statement has been endorsed by: the UK Department for International Development (DFID, UK); the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade...

Persons with disabilities are among those furthest behind and accordingly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their indicators clearly state that disaggregated...