Linked to our mandate and promotion of all human rights for all persons with disabilities, IDA is committed to being a safe organization and does not tolerate any form of abuse, violence, fraud, corruption or other forms of malpractice.

IDA supports all members, partners, and their staff to report concerns specifically related to any abuse or fraud in relation to IDA supported activities. This page relates to IDA’s safeguarding policies (including whistleblowing) and its Code of Conduct which details IDA’s commitments and the processes we adopt for reporting and responding to concerns.

Any reports made will be treated confidentially and will be investigated in line with IDA’s responsibility to do so and according to IDA’s procedures, including ensuring that people reporting in good faith are protected from retaliation. In certain instances, cases may be reported to the authorities.

Use IDA’s reporting of fraud and abuse to report:

  • Any concerns regarding financial fraud/mismanagement or abuses of another person you may have, in relation to IDA supported activities or events. The policies referred on this page provide guidance on particular types of concern:

-IDA's Policy on Safeguarding and Management of Malpractice and Misconduct - including Whistleblowing

-Code of Conduct

Do not use IDA’s reporting of fraud and abuse to:

  • Pursue general human rights abuses which we cannot address through this process.
  • Ask questions about training or to submit other types of requests to IDA.
  • Pursue internal (IDA staff related) grievances which are addressed through the organisation’s grievance processes.

How to report
Please send an email to concerns [at] The preferred format for reporting is in writing by email following the format (click here for the template), however in case this is not accessible please email concerns [at] to inquire about alternative reporting formats or any reasonable accommodation required. Please note that in the course of addressing each report or concern we may not be able to provide feedback on how the report or concern is progressing, or has been addressed, to ensure we maintain our duty of care to those involved.