This training ‘Introduction to disability-inclusive humanitarian action’ has been designed to support trainers to facilitate learning, reflections and discussions around disability-inclusive humanitarian action. It helps participants to strengthen the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the humanitarian context, with a focus on programming. The content is relevant across different humanitarian sectors and contexts of intervention. It hopes to be one of the catalysts for the operationalization of the IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action.

The training has a modular structure, with seven modules. Depending on the training audience’s needs and time available, you are advised to select the most relevant modules.

It’s an inter-agency effort of the global Reference Group on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action (DRG), in particular Working Group 1 (co-chaired by Humanity & Inclusion and the International Rescue Committee) in collaboration with Working Group 7. It was developed and piloted between 2021 and 2022, and launched in 2022.

- Introductory videos
- General Facilitator guide for all modules
- Pre- and post needs and interest assessments
- Application and Evaluation Forms
- Joining instructions for online training
- Certificate template

Introduction to Disability

- Introduction to the concept of disability
- Intersectionality and Risk
- Impact of barriers

Introduction to IASC Guidelines

- Policy Context and background of the IASC guidelines
- IASG Guidelines unpacked
- Applying what we have learned in practice

Situating disability inclusion within the wider humanitarian landscape

- Key legal policy and Frameworks
- Obligations of key stakeholders
- The role of data on persons with disabilities

Accessibility, Universal Design and Reasonable Accommodation

- Understanding universal design
- Accessibility in service, infrastructure, communication
- Understanding reasonable accommodation
- Critical success factors

Introducing the Must Do Actions (MDAs) and the twin-track approach

- The twin track approach
- Must Do Actions (MDAs)

Inclusive Project Cycle Management

- Components of a disability inclusive Project Cycle
- Applying the MDA in the needs assessment, planning & design and monitoring & evaluation

Inclusive Accountability to Affected Populations

- What is Inclusive AAP?
- How to make AAP inclusive