The International Disability Alliance (IDA) and the Atlas Alliance, in consultation with the Civil Society Reference Group (CSRG) are organizing a Civil Society Forum under the auspice of the Global Disability Summit 2022.

The purpose of the Civil Society Forum is to give the opportunity to persons with disabilities and their representative organizations (OPDs) to further engage on the Global Disability Summit (GDS).

The Civil Society forum will be held on 15 February 2022, one day before the start of the GDS22.


Why is the Civil Society Forum important?

The Forum is an opportunity for civil society to highlight relevant issues to the global disability movement which the GDS might not specifically address. Our goal is to provide an additional space for civil society to contribute to the Summit actively. The contributions from civil society will also enlighten the dialogue at the Summit on specific thematic areas.

How can you participate?

From October 2020, IDA and its member held several National and Regional Consultations to collect information for the Civil Society Forum. Now, IDA has created an online form on iData, our accessible survey platform. This is your opportunity to participate online and share your ideas with us.

The form is available in English, Spanish, International Sign and Easy Read.

Help us to make this a meaningful consultation!

Link to the Online Global Consultation for the Civil Society Forum: