- June 10, 2020

TCI Asia Pacific has a 6-month consultancy opening for a "COVID-19 Response Co-ordinator"! 

TCI Asia Pacific is a regional DPO of persons with psychosocial disabilities, and their cross-disability supporters, working in the Asia Pacific region. TCI Asia Pacific is working to realize the full human rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities, especially their right to live independently and be included in communities, as guided by the CRPD.

TCI Asia Pacific has strong national leaders, and their emerging DPOs in the regions, as members. TCI has actively participated in larger cross-disability advocacy, at the national, sub-regional and regional levels. TCI has been advocating strongly for inclusion in social protection, disaster response,  work and employment, housing, etc.  

During times of COVID, persons with psychosocial disabilities in the Asia Pacific regions have experienced heightened discrimination on multiple fronts.  Experiences of our exclusion during the pandemic, are becoming more audible in recent days and weeks. 

TCI offers a consultancy position of a "TCI-AP COVID-19 response coordinator" for a period of 6 months (July - December 2020), to work with 8-10 national DPO partners, support their efforts, gather and compile all incoming data, create reports and advocacy documentation, engage in networking and organize online conferencing platforms to engage the partners, plan events and engagements to disseminate the information.  

Applicants must be from the Asia Pacific region (South Asia, South East Asia, East Asia, and Pacific) with previous experience in rapid assessments, surveys, reports writing, etc.

Skills and competencies required: project management; collecting, compiling, and synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative data; fluency in English; networking skills.

Location: remotely (from your home);

Duration of consultancy: 6 months  (15th July - 14th January 2020).

Compensation: the work package will be commensurate with the experience of the applicant.

Deadline for application: before the 20th of June 2020.  

Those interested to apply may write to tciasia.secretariat [at]

To learn more about TCI Asia-Pacific: 

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