- December 14, 2018

The International Disability Alliance (IDA) participates in the 2 days “National Workshop on Human Rights of all children and adults with disabilities: Dialogue for UNCRPD” organised by the Confederation of the Disabled in Turkey, in partnership with the European Union, UNICEF, the International Children´s Center and the European Disability Forum (EDF), under the programme “Protecting children from violence and promoting inclusion of children with disabilities in Western Balkans and Turkey”. This national workshop was held on December 13th and 14th, in Ankara, Turkey.

The workshop brought together around 90 participants from organisations of persons with disabilities from different parts of Turkey, representing diverse groups, key allies currently advocating for the implementation of the CRPD, and other experts. Several presentations addressed key elements of CRPD implementation. Some of the issues addressed have been children with disabilities, Articles 4(3) and 29 on participation on decision making and political and public life of persons with disabilities, Article 9 on accessibility, Article 19 on living independently and be included in the Community, Article 33 on national implementation and monitoring frameworks, and on advocacy at the mechanisms at the international level, notably the CRPD Committee in the lead up for the review of Turkey on March 2019.

The European Disability Forum contributed substantively with opening and closing remarks. On its turn, the IDA´s Treaty Bodies Unit`s delivered an introductory Key note speech in the first session of the workshop, highlighting the significance of the CRPD and the opportunities and challenges laying ahead for CRPD based advocacy at the national and international levels and for movement and capacity building. It also elaborated on the ongoing CRPD Committee review process providing advice for the opportunities coming soon through reporting and in Geneva, Switzerland, next March during the 21st session of the CRPD Committee.

In the upcoming months, the Confederation of the Disabled in Turkey and its allies will coordinate to develop their written replies to the List of Issues to the CRPD Committee and get ready to interact with the Committee, prior to the constructive dialogue between the State delegation and the Committee. The guidance and elements discussed during the workshop will hopefully contribute to their efficient participation.

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