- March 15, 2019

On March 11th and 12th, RIADIS organized the workshop for revision of the draft of the SDG-CRPD regional report in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

This workshop was intended to discuss and analyze the draft of the report in order to receive contributions from DPOs representatives, government officials, non governmental organizations   and other stakeholders. 

One of the main challenges of RIADIS for this report was to ensure the participation of the most underrepresented  groups such as deafblind persons, Persons with autism and persons with intellectual disabilities. This has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of IDA (through the DFID Catalyst funding) and INGOs such as Light For the world, ADD and Humanity and Inclusion, and with active involvement of Inclusion International.

Although the draft of the regional report was focused on 8  thematic areas such as inclusive education, employment, women with disabilities, indigenous persons with disabilities, accessibility, Disaster risk reduction, data collection and participation of the organizations of persons with disabilities, the participants in the workshop, particularly the representative of the autism movement in Brazil requested to include two additional topics such as the access to justice and the right to live independently in the community.

During these two days the participants were working in groups to give their contributions in each of the eight thematic areas and at the same time one group was working in the structure of the additional thematic areas.

The final regional report will include these contributions and will be sent to IDA on March 31ST and then RIADIS will release this report in different accessible formats such as sign language videos, easy to read format, digital accessible format and braille.

 Additionally, on March 13TH,  there were a small workshop with the participation of three self advocates from Colombia, Perú and Mexico and people from Inclusion International.        

This workshop was intended to recap and review in details  four of the eight thematic areas of the report such as education, employment, women with disabilities and participation. The self advocates expressed their opinions and started to find the main barriers, solutions and the recommendations for each topic.

These contributions will be also included in the final SDG-CRPD regional report.

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