Commit to use the Washington Group questions
Finland is committed to strengthen the data and evidence of disability by introducing a minimum requirement of collecting disability disaggregated data for all programmes funded by Finland. Finland will promote the use the Washington Group Short Set of questions as a key method for data collection and disaggregation. Finland will ensure the implementation and accountability for this commitment by renewing the guidelines on cross-cutting objectives in collaboration with the organizations of persons with disabilities, and by providing mandatory training for all key MFA staff and other stakeholders responsible for implementing Finnish development cooperation. Finland will also align its internal guidelines to match with the criteria in the OECD-DAC disability marker, and will start adopt it progressively as soon as it is officially introduced.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
Training on the use of the Washington Group Short Set of Questions - tool will be organized to key MFA staff and stakeholder by end of 2018. The renewed guidelines on implementing the cross-cutting objectives and the training plan will be in place by spring 2019.

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Finland: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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