Stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours
To raise public awareness on disability rights and to support the involvement of persons with disability and/or their representative organizations in the process. The ML&SP held consultations with DPOs, Civil Society to develop this commitment. In order to achieve the ambition for this commitment, the Ministry will work with the same stakeholders supported by development partners- World Bank, DFID, UNICEF and the private sector to address stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities.  

Timeframe and/or implementation plan

  1. Raise awareness and enforce existing laws and policies promoting rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  2. Revitalize CBR programs to foster socio-economic inclusion, education;
  3. Build capacities of communities, first responders and service delivery professionals on inclusion of PWD in crisis risk reduction, preparedness and response;
  4. Implement awareness programs that address violence against women and girls with disability and promote disability inclusive reproductive health.

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