Lepra was founded in 1924 as the world’s first anti-leprosy agency focused on inclusion. This means helping people affected by leprosy stay in their own community and not confined to “colonies,” hospitals and sanatoria. From the outset we have therefore fought against the prejudice and exclusion experienced by people disabled as a consequence of leprosy. One hundred sixty four countries have ratified the UNCRPD. Many governments have passed laws and claim to be tackling disability inclusion. Yet the reality does not match the claims, legislation or the UNCRPD. New commitments, new pledges, new regulations and new speeches while laudable may become tomorrow’s hollow words. An example of this is the word inclusion. Inclusion is not equality; inclusion requires extra, specific positive steps over and above equality to ensure disabled people are included and integrated into all parts of everyday life.  Rather than add to the pile of unfulfilled promises, we therefore commit to advocating for meaningful implementation of what has already been claimed and so making it a reality.

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We are a UK-based international charity working to beat leprosy.

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