The International Disability Alliance, the European Disability Forum, and the Consiliul National al Dizabilitatii din Romania (CNDR) submitted a 3rd party intervention the case "Stoian v. Romania" (Application No.  289/14), in October 2017, to be decided by the European Court of Human Rights. The case concerns notably the right to inclusive education of a person with physical disability (first applicant), who has faced and continues to face many barriers throughout his schooling, including lack of provision of support and negative attitudes by different school authorities. IDA, EDF and CNDR`s third party intervention focuses on the right to education, by providing the latest international standards, notably the CRPD`s Committee General Comment No. 4 (2016) on the right to inclusive education. It also provides information to the Court some good practices that have been taking place in Europe, including legislation, policies and court decisions upholding and enforcing the right to inclusive education.

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