- December 5, 2023

This status report has been jointly developed by McGill University's Disability Inclusive Climate Action Research Program (DICARP), and the International Disability Alliance (IDA). The report provides an updated analysis of the inclusion of persons with disabilities and their human rights in the domestic climate policies adopted by the 195 parties to the Paris Agreement.

This report demonstrates that States continue to fall far short of the obligations they owe people with disabilities in the context of the climate crisis.

A minority of parties to the Paris Agreement include persons with disabilities in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and climate adaptation policies. Moreover, in cases where disability has been included, it is largely to indicate the vulnerability of persons with disabilities to the impacts of climate change or to signal the need for their inclusion, without providing concrete measures to protect their rights or enhance their resilience and adaptive capacity.

The status report is available in English and French. 

Status report in English MS Word and PDF.

Status report in French MS Word and PDF.

Status report in Spanish MS Word and PDF.

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