The Disability Catalyst Programme aimed at framing the implementation of SDGs to be inclusive of all groups of persons with disabilities in line with CRPD and maximising SDGs momentum for further implementation of the CRPD. The program was carried out by IDA and its members from January 2017 until March 2020.

Budget: 1.8 Millions British Pound (GBP), funded by DFID and channelled through the Disability Rights Fund (DRF).

The program sought to contribute to the following overall outcome: “Early implementation and monitoring the 2030 Agenda contribute to greater attention to and allocation of resources in line with CRPD towards inclusion of persons with disabilities, especially the most marginalized. “

Expected results:

  1. Meaningful inclusion in UN agencies' policy, processes and programs
  2. DPOs increase their capacities to make the most of SDGs and human rights national and international accountability mechanisms process to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities and implementation of CRPD
  3. DPOs representatives of women with disabilities and the most marginalized groups and poorest countries are involved in disability specific and mainstream regional and global human rights and SDGs related processes
  4. Global and regional DPOs have developed their capacities for evidence-based advocacy and technical support their members

With this project, new operating modalities were established at IDA to strengthen the investment in and engagement of IDA members in providing strategic guidance or directly engaging in project implementation. The IDA Program Committee, composed of IDA members’ Program Directors (or equivalent positions), was established in April 2017 and confirmed as an increasingly relevant operational entity of IDA for collective strategizing, establishing new channels of communication between national, regional and global levels, while building the networks’ ownership on IDA’s operations. Joint implementation of activities or support grants (such as the No One Left Behind grants) are new venues to mobilize IDA members in the Global South and for consolidating our collective response capacity.

The Catalyst projects included different components and supports connections between ongoing IDA advocacy work at the global level (such as engagement with the CRPD committee, HLPF) and new initiatives aimed at strengthening DPO engagement with the 2030 Agenda at different levels and in different areas:

The Programme concluded in March 2020 and was reviewed by an independent team of evaluators.

The evaluation highlights the strong contribution that the programme made to build on the momentum created by the 2030 Agenda and create preconditions for accountability on inclusion of persons with disabilities. This includes increased space for representation of persons with disabilities, stronger cohesion of the movement to speak with one voice, increased evidence to guide and monitor SDG implementation in compliance with the CRPD. The programme also contributed significantly to enhance the technical and operational capacities of disability activists and OPDs to engage in advancing their rights in the Global South.