Policy, standards and regulations
The Ministry of Social Development is responsible for coordinating all activities and issues of persons with disabilities (PWDs). As such it works with all relevant stakeholders, public and private to ensure that the rights of PWDs are observed, for instance, inclusive education is adopted in all schools to integrate children with disabilities into the mainstream schools. The Ministry works closely with the Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education and Training to ensure that all schools are designed and equipped to enrol Children with disabilities as opposed to then going to the so called “special schools”. There are policies that are being reviewed for this purpose and the Disability Equity Bill addresses all issues on the rights of PWDs.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan 
Implementation of The National Disability Mainstreaming Plan will ensure recognition of the rights of PWDs. It addresses issues on education, health, housing, employment, social aspects, reasonable accommodation, independent living and universal designs, amongst others. Once there is funding allocated to the implementation of this plan, progress will be made in terms of improving service delivery for PWDs.As indicated above, the budget will commence in the coming financial year (2019/20).

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