January 17, 2011 - 10:00am

The CRC Committee held its 56th session from 17 January – 4 February 2011.

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Disability analysis of the Concluding Observations, IDA’s disability analysis of the State reports and IDA’s recommendations for Concluding Observations.

General Comment

During their session, the CRC Committee also adopted General Comment no 13 on Article 19, the right of the child to freedom from all forms of violence, a very important instrument which outlines the legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of violence. IDA’s recommendations to the latest draft were largely incorporated and appear in the final text. In particular, dissemination of the text and related activities must be made accessible (paras 7, 41(i)), and accommodations made for children with disabilities in communication and for participation in the judicial process (paras 44, 50). Also of note is the ratification of the CRPD and its Optional Protocol as a necessary legislative measure (para 38), and an express reference to cooperation and improved communication with organisations of persons with disabilities to assist States with implementation of Article 19 (para 68(a)). More information on this General Comment on the Committee’s website and General Comment with disability references in bold.

Day of General Discussion

At the opening of this session it was announced that the CRC Committee would hold a Day of General Discussion devoted to “Children of prisoners” on 23 September 2011 during their 58th session.

Pre-Sessional Working Group

From 7-11 February, the CRC Committee held its Pre-sessional Working Group on the upcoming session in which it adopted Lists of Issues on Cambodia, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Korea, Finland, Iceland, the Syrian Arab Republic.

More information on this Pre-Sessional Working Group.

Disability analysis of the Lists of Issues, IDA’s disability analysis of the State reports and IDA’s recommended questions for the List of Issues.

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