- June 20, 2019

On 20 June 2019, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on the situation of person with disabilities in armed conflict and humanitarian crises. The resolution was agreed by consensus.

This landmark resolution is the first UN Security Council document to specifically address persons with disabilities. It is a clear political commitment towards mainstreaming disability across all UN pillars, including peace and security. 

Recognized as one of the most marginalized populations in any crisis-affected community, an estimated 9 million persons with disabilities are impacted by conflict and humanitarian crises. Persons with disabilities are up to four times more likely to die in a disaster. Children with disabilities face higher risk of abuse and neglect, while women with disabilities are at increased risk of sexual violence during humanitarian crises.

The Resolution recognizes the Security Council’s serious concern regarding the disproportionate impact of armed conflict on persons with disabilities and proposes actions to address the barriers faced by the world’s largest minority group.

These actions include providing inclusive and accessible assistance, taking measures to ensure access to basic services provided in the context of armed conflict on an equal basis with others, and building capacity and knowledge of the rights and specific needs of persons with disabilities across UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding actors.

Critically, the resolution affirms the importance of meaningful participation and representation of, and consultation with, persons with disabilities and their representative organizations across all phases of conflict and crisis, and with all stakeholders.

Through this resolution, the Security Council: 

  • Requests the Secretary-General to include information and recommendations in thematic and geographic reports and regular briefings to the Council, including data disaggregated by disability
  • Will invite persons with disabilities, including their representative organizations, to brief the Council in relevant thematic and geographic areas, and will meet with local persons with disabilities in the field during Council missions

The resolution follows an Arria Formula meeting of the Security Council on persons with disabilities in armed conflict, held on 3 December 2018 at the UN In New York, and a briefing by IDA Executive Director Vladimir Cuk to the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Principals on inclusive humanitarian action for persons with disabilities in May 2019.

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