Policy, legislation and its implementation
Production of the national policy of protection disabled people: in DRC protection interventions these people are based on the sectoral policies of each ministry. This document will give the country's vision of their participation in the active life of the community as a person with rights and duties like all other compatriots. It will also determine the role of stakeholders and identify the institution under whose leadership each will work. It will provide a set of programmatic and organizational strategies.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
Aspecialized firm will be recruited to produce this participative management document with all the public and private stakeholders of all disabled people with the same. we plan to do before the end of next year (2019).  

Policy, legislation and its implementation
Advocacy for the adoption of the law on the promotion and protection of persons with disabilities, which has been in parliament since 2013.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: We plan to do before the end of next year (2019).

Theme: Eliminate Stigma and Discrimination
Year: 2018

Inclusive education sector plans

  • Direct support for children with disabilities and their families in inclusive community development at the local level,
  • Improvement of services (education, social, health),
  • Capacity building of sign language education, Braille writing and differentiated psychology to optimize the school supervision of children with disabilities;
  • Popularization and strict respect of the directives on school building standards in the DRC to promote the accessibility of schools in the DRC.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: By 2021.

Theme: Inclusive Education
Year: 2018

Reasonable accomodation in the workplace and training institutions

  • Coordinate and supervise economic reintegration projects for persons with disabilities;
  • Organizer of consultations with partners and public and private companies for the needs of the professional promotion of disabled people.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: By 2020.

Theme: Routes to Economic Empowerment
Year: 2018

Policy and guidance

  • Facilities for importing these aids (tax exemption by including them in the list of essential medicines). The process of signing an interdepartmental order is underway;
  • Training health teachers and users of this material by integrating it into health education schools; 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: By 2021.

Theme: Harnessing Technology and Innovation
Year: 2018

 Set up a database. This will serve as a source of inspiration for the design of government policy and guidance strategies, the framework for project development by the organization of people with disabilities, the tool for verifying progress and innovation achievement of rehabilitation goals and social reintegration of persons with disabilities. The methods and periodicity of implementation of the database on people with disabilities are programmed in a formalized and detailed six-month action plan.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: By 2019.

Theme: Women and Girls with Disabilities
Year: 2018