Tackling the global education crisis takes the collective power of business and other stakeholders – and know-how to bring these voices together for positive change. The Global Business Coalition for Education serves as the business community’s social impact advisor, combining the expertise of education and business to develop customized programs and identify investments, partnerships, and opportunities that will have the greatest impact.

GBC-Education members are ‘Next Generation Actionists’ who understand the power and potential of leveraging their knowledge, resources, and scale in coordination with peers, government, international organizations, and NGOs.

We believe transformative change requires more than individual efforts to address a problem – no matter how large or significant the effort.

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Policy, standards, and regulations
Publish policy brief and recommendations on how business can engage in inclusive education. The brief will provide a comprehensive landscape of best practices and gaps in the private sector’s engagement in inclusive education for children and young people with disabilities. GBC-Education will also support the business community to implement the recommendations.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
Policy guidelines with a recommendation to be published and dispersed in 2018-2019 to more than 150 companies in the Global Business Coalition for Education’s network.

Theme: Inclusive Education
Year: 2019